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Angie's Gift | Pure Grade Oils | Essential and Carrier Oils

Pure Grade Oils

Angie's Gift offers the highest quality of pure grade Essential Oils that capture the botanical essence and therapeutic benefits of each plant from which these oils derive.   

Cold-pressed and unrefined, our Carrier Oils are sourced from the finest quality of ingredients from around the world. Experience the therapeutic benefits as nature intended. 


AngiesGift_Piccolo Ultrasonic Diffuser.j
Essential Oil Diffusers

Diffusers infuse the aromatic benefits of our Essential Oils to any room in your home or office. 

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Pain-Free Salve

Angie's Gift Pain-Free Salve is a proprietary blend of essential oils and all-natural ingredients, formulated to target body aches and pain. 

Fragrance Oil Warmers

Infuse fragrance oils to our selection of electric 
oil warmers. 

satsuma frgrance oil, aroma oil, home fragrance oils
Fragrance Oils 

Our 100% concentrated fragrance oils are suitable for electric fragrance lamps, potpourri pods and
scented crystals.

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