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Paisley Flower Electric Oil Warmer

Paisley Flower Electric Oil Warmer


Electric 3D touch oil warmer lamp featuring the beautiful multicolor Paisley Flower. Metal Base.


Plug your lamp in, add 5-10 drops of fragrance oil to the glass dish. Touch base of warmer to control light and heat intensity. Once for low, twice for medium and three times for high. Relax and enjoy.


Note: Essential oils can be purchased on our Essential Oil page. 


  • Adjust Fragrance

    If fragrance Oil aroma is louder than you desire add a few drops of water to glass dish. 

    Note: When using an Essential oil fill the dish half-way with water, tap base of lamp to medium heat, and add 4-7 drops of essential oil to the water. 

    Essential oils will evaporate quicker than fragrance oils.

  • Halogen Bulb

    This oil warmer uses a 35-Watt halogen bulb (included) and has a removable oil dish for easy cleaning, and bulb replacement.

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